Three Claws

I got my hands on a new toy this weekend – a Martin 00-28G.
This one has a nice fat round neck – it feels like a baseball bat Tele.

This video compares the sound of three nylon string guitars:
Martin 000-28C, Takamine CP-132SC LH, Martin 00-28G

The 000-28C has a very deep warm tone, but this sounds a bit muddy when played back on full range speakers.

The Takamine has more midrange, but is louder and a bit distorted – was I just standing closer? Different angle?
Oh yeah – I took its preamp out a few months ago after it stopped working. Now this guitar has a big hole in the upper side by the neck. Maybe that’s giving it a tad more projection towards the webcam.

The 00-28G has a nice middle with not too much bass. Maybe the nicest balance of the three? It’s definitely fun to play…

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