Hearing as our sense of time

Via Evil Klown :

Brian Eno told a story about U2 drummer, Larry
Mullen. When he was producing All That You
Can’t Leave Behind Eno gave
Mullen a click track (computer generated
beat) to play drums over, as a way of keeping
everything in synch. Mullen swore the click
track wasn’t right, and refused to play
over it. Eventually Eno adjusted it –
but just to humour the drummer, as he knew
it couldn’t be at fault. Except he later
found Mullen was right. The click was off
– by six milliseconds! “The thing is,” said Eno,
“when we were adjusting it I once had it two
milliseconds to the wrong side of the beat,
and he said, ‘No, you’ve got to come back a
bit.’ Which I think is absolutely staggering.

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