Ashokan Fairwell

Tonight is the 20th anniversary of the original airing of Ken Burns’ The Civil War.   What does that have to do with audio?
This gave attention to the tune Ashokan Farewell as it was prominently featured throughout the series.

I had never heard the tune until last September, and it kind of stuck in my head for a while – even though I rarely listened to it all the way through.
A few months ago I awoke with a waltz playing in my head, I decided to try and write out the tune in Finale. The melody came out in 5 bar phrases (10 if you double them). I called this tune The Five Bars Waltz. I later realized it was very similar to Ashokan, but not nearly as elaborate (no sweeping arpeggios in the melody), and in an odd lazy meter.

Another variation played itself in my head on Telecasters, again in the 5 (or 10) bar phrasing. This became Twang

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